Monday, July 1, 2013

Brisket and pool

With the fourth of July and family visiting I decided to get ahead of the cooking game today and make brisket. In fact I cooked 2 in the oven and 2 in the smoker for me (and a friend who wanted to learn how to do brisket added 1 more to the oven and 1 more to the smoker!) If you have never made brisket before then it can be a little intimidating dealing with those huge cuts of meat, but it is really not very hard.  (I'll teach you!)

 photo null_zps302d1551.jpg  photo null_zps1fcf0727.jpg
Then later that evening I took photos of our pool for the pool company.  We finally have all the landscaping done and the back yard is completely finished!

DSC_1590 photo DSC_1590_zps1c7ff060.jpg DSC_1585 photo DSC_1585_zps523f6238.jpg DSC_1582 photo DSC_1582_zpse7ff5c4e.jpg

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