Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Swim Meets -- results

We've come along way since 2006, when Julianne and Catherine were both 6 and unders!

swim team photo swimteam_zps0d817380.jpgswim team catherine photo swimteamcatherine_zpsca817816.jpg

 photo null_zpsfd8851d6.png  photo null_zps9e447d27.png  photo null_zps6890bf97.png  photo null_zps760db30e.png  photo null_zpsc6f33043.png  photo null_zps5c53c7d7.png  photo null_zps0384c4bd.png  photo null_zps084dc87b.png  photo null_zpsd23cb31a.png  photo null_zps16c43032.png  photo null_zps68f6ad89.png

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