Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Snow cones? Shaved ice? We're ready!

Today I went with 2 friends to a restaurant supply store (Ace mart in Holtom City). Primarily I went to buy gallon sized snow cone syrups. We have a little shaved ice maker that we use often but keeping up the supply of syrups is challenging. And then, if we don't have a variety of flavor choices the kids want to go to the tropical sno place up the road. I gave in and took them there the other day and after spending $30 on ice and sugar water I decided I just needed to make the drive to get the gallon sized syrups. They are only $6 a piece. The kids are loving it!!!

Handy family shaved ice open for business.

Then this evening it was Julianne's turn to go to our season tickets for the Musical series. Her show was Flashdance. I was a little worried that it might be inappropriate (especially after the last one I went to Priscilla, Queen of the desert -- which has to go down as the worst musical I have EVER seen). It was quite the fun little show. The songs were catchy, the dancing was great, the storyline was nice and predictable. All in all it was a great 80's throwback! I've never seen the movie so the storyline was new to me and was entertaining enough.

Taking Julianne to Flashdance at Fairpark

If flashdance comes your way, I'd give it a PG-13 rating-- there is a little language, and there is a scene at a nightclub with suggestive dancing. There is a good message in that the main characters are at the nightclub retrieving their friend from her wayward ways and helping her see that she doesn't need to show it all to be seen.

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