Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our town celebrates the 4th on the 3rd

Don't ask me why. But it actually was kind of nice. I headed up early to drop off blankets and chairs so that we wouldn't have to carry them that evening. In the morning the roads are still all open, so you can drive right up to the spot you want to be. In the evening the roads are all closed so you would get to carry them a long ways!

Blankets reserving our place for tonight's fireworks. Come join us behind the post office. #southlake

I posted our spot on facebook and it was fun to meet up with friends that night who found our spot and joined us!

I took a few pics of the fireworks.

DSC_1612 photo DSC_1612_zps3d4c40a2.jpgDSC_1621 photo DSC_1621_zps02ff4a92.jpgDSC_1643 photo DSC_1643_zpsb6ca234a.jpgDSC_1654 photo DSC_1654_zps9be4eb45.jpg

Here is Julianne with 2 of her friends - Eden and Kelsey. I love that Adam is photobombing the picture and the Owen has his eyes closed!

DSC_1680 photo DSC_1680_zpsbb82eb23.jpg

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