Monday, July 8, 2013

Perot Museum, American Girl Saige premiere

We had an exciting Monday as we trekked all over DFW. First we headed to the new Perot Science Museum. It really is a fabulous museum. The kids loved it.

DSC_1716 photo DSC_1716_zps935c720a.jpgDSC_1727 photo DSC_1727_zps5265bf4f.jpgDSC_1730 photo DSC_1730_zps841018ed.jpgDSC_1735 photo DSC_1735_zps1b32f670.jpgDSC_1738 photo DSC_1738_zps0636f89b.jpgDSC_1741 photo DSC_1741_zps70d4ce01.jpgDSC_1742 photo DSC_1742_zps4dcdc156.jpg

They had a section where you could race against a cheetah or a t. rex or a variety of different athletes. The kids really liked it. Owen LOVED it!

DSC_1749 photo DSC_1749_zps4e12ed8c.jpg
Here we are at the end of our visit. We plan to go back, soon, and often!

We got home to find Amber, Dan, and their 3 little girls swimming in our pool. They were driving back to Houston from Salt Lake City and stopped in for a bit of a break on the tail end of their trip. It was fun to see them all! (and I didn't get any photos!) By 3:00, they were on their way home.

Then that night the girls all headed to see the red carpet premiere of the newest American Girl movie. Saige paints the sky. We are fortunate enough to know the star of the show, Sydney Fullmer. So it was fun to watch her walk the red carpet, take lots of photos and be the star of the show. (The boys went to see Monsters U).

DSC_1756 photo DSC_1756_zps09a4b051.jpgDSC_1758 photo DSC_1758_zps7aa66344.jpgDSC_1762 photo DSC_1762_zps8f19c75d.jpgDSC_1764 photo DSC_1764_zps92a7cdde.jpgDSC_1767 photo DSC_1767_zps4a3436e4.jpg1044613_10151729931104596_1109167706_n (1) photo 1044613_10151729931104596_1109167706_n1_zps77d7652d.jpgWaiting on the red carpet to see stars of "Saige paints the sky - an American girl" movie.

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