Thursday, July 25, 2013

MORE visits with Old Friends

Today, Tosha Mack and some of her kids came over to swim and visit. We had a great time catching up and naturally didn't take any photos! So I thought, I'll go through my photos from years past and find some old ones. And I couldn't find any. It is interesting to me looking back on the year of having 3 little girls (2004-2005) at home full time and even though (at the time) I knew things were busy, there is just no way to describe how it all works out. I had a great group of friends (tosha, melissa, joy, deann, sarah, and kristen) and we did so many things together with all our kids everyday. We did a joy school with the girls, we did excursions, we just hung out, we had girls night, and so on. And in all the pictures I have this is the best 4 I could find.

P3100876 photo P3100876_zpsa7de306c.jpgP3170001 photo P3170001_zps5478e220.jpgP1010007 photo P1010007_zps977be507.jpgP1010005 photo P1010005_zps05ab8303.jpg

Not one is good, not one kids is looking, not one mom is looking. I don't have any of just us friends! I think we were all just there supporting eachother in survival mode. So If any of you ladies are reading this, just know how much you all mean to me. Even if I don't have photos to prove it. I have the memories of friends supporting eachother through the craziness of little kids! Love you all!

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