Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quick drive down to Houston

We left this morning and drove to Amber's house on the north side of Houston and spent a few hours with her and her 3 kids.  Amber is expecting their first baby boy due in November.  We helped her pick the green peppers and jalapenos from her garden.

At my sister Amber's house. Lesson learned?  4 jalapeño plants is probably too many unless you really, really eat a lot of them!!!!!  I suggested jalapeño jelly? #spicy

Then we headed on to my Dad's home. Here is downtown Houston

 photo null_zps4d1284e5.jpg

We were excited to see all the changes that Sally has made to the house since the wedding. Their home was just beautiful and they are doing great and are so happy. We had fun. Here is a pic of all of us after swimming.

 photo null_zps61c88c63.jpg

Here is a video of my dad playing a new (and old) favorite game of ours -- heads up on the iphone AKA charades with video!

And last a pic of me and Carrie (who lives across the street from my dad -- )

 photo null_zps554b5e2d.jpg

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