Friday, July 19, 2013

Shad's house

We spent the night at Shad's house and had a great time staying up late. The kids did not sleep in (naturally) and Shad and Amy were off to their ultrasound in the morning. They are expecting another baby girl due Dec. 7th. Then we went up to Shad's office for some orthodontics. He got a spectacularly cool new 3D X-ray machine. Here are some of our cool X-rays! The first 3 are of me. Then 2 of Madelyn, 2 of Julianne and 2 of Catherine

jamie3 photo jamie3_zps03d642fc.jpg jamie2 photo jamie2_zps59a02264.jpg jamie photo jamie_zpscbc08b0a.jpg Handy,Madelyn_Pano photo HandyMadelyn_Pano_zps4b2d8743.jpg Handy,Madelyn_Ceph_2 photo HandyMadelyn_Ceph_2_zps872d1628.jpg Handy,Julianne_Pano photo HandyJulianne_Pano_zpscc7d80be.jpg Handy,Julianne_Ceph_2 photo HandyJulianne_Ceph_2_zps0c2cc80b.jpg Handy,Catherine_Pano photo HandyCatherine_Pano_zpse5a9479b.jpg Handy,Catherine_Ceph_2 photo HandyCatherine_Ceph_2_zpsfd77a07b.jpg

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