Monday, July 15, 2013

The checklist and one new way to "check" up on your kids

It's the same every day. My kids have to

  1. Make their bed
  2. Clean their room
  3. Eat breakfast
  4. practice piano or flute
  5. read 30 min
  6. do 1 chore for mom
  7. get dressed
At that point they are eligible to do money jobs, chores or tasks that earn them money.  It is also only then that they can watch TV or use their iphones.  But sometimes it can be a pain to check on each and every room and bed . . .  Now I just have them facetime call me or text me photos of their stuff so that I can know for sure it has all been done. Here's Adam's photos from the other day!

 photo null_zps6a2267d2.jpg photo null_zps444381d7.jpg photo null_zps06d0e501.jpg photo null_zpsb154c58f.jpg

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