Friday, July 5, 2013

George W. Bush presidential library and The Rangers Game

Today, all of us adults went to the George W. Bush library at SMU. We had a nice time together and enjoyed the exhibits. I think adults would love it (kids -- not so much!) so I was glad we didn't take the kids.

DSC_1691 photo DSC_1691_zps8e9536e9.jpgDSC_1692 photo DSC_1692_zps146be893.jpgDSC_1694 photo DSC_1694_zpsf05ceabc.jpgDSC_1696 photo DSC_1696_zps7aed18a0.jpgDSC_1697 photo DSC_1697_zpsdbdffae8.jpgDSC_1700 photo DSC_1700_zps748f6dd1.jpgDSC_1707 photo DSC_1707_zpsf6945f96.jpg

The museum has a replica Oval office and that was really cool. The grounds are pretty and I loved these water lillies of some kind with the unusual flowers!

Then that night it was off to see the Rangers vs. the Astros.

Go Rangers. Beat the Astros!  #somethingineverthoughtidsay

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