Friday, May 3, 2013

Water Polo - the Texas State Championship Tournament day 1

Last night my dad and Sally (his fiancee) arrived late to stay with us for the weekend to go to Tyler's water polo games. Tyler came with his team on a big bus and stayed in town at the Hilton. His first game today was at 11 am. They played great and won the game easily. Tyler played great and scored 4 goals. We had a good time watching him and took lots (and lots) of pictures.

DSC_0109 photo DSC_0109_zps1e2fbed3.jpg

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Following his game, Owen, my Dad, Sally, 2 other couples (with son's on the team) and I went for bar-b-q at the Feedstore (a local and delicious restaurant). Then I came home, collected all my other kid's from school and we headed back for Tyler's 2nd game at 5:00. They played a really tough team and lost. Owen apparantly was pretty tired, He fell asleep on the bleachers!

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