Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Swim Team

Madelyn and Adam started their Summer Swim Team on Tuesday (2 days ago). They are both so excited. They have lots of friends there at swimming and they are having a great time! Julianne and Catherine continue to swim on their year round team. The fun thing is that for swimmers that don't have A times (like my girls) they put together a pseudo summer swim team that gets to participate in the summer league meets with the other 2 kids. That way they have the "summer" team experience but continue with their coaches in their year round team.

DSC_0930 photo DSC_0930_zps63f3e4ec.jpg DSC_0928 photo DSC_0928_zpsd27ae84a.jpg DSC_0927 photo DSC_0927_zps8221d9e4.jpg DSC_0924 photo DSC_0924_zps58333076.jpg

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