Friday, May 31, 2013

Madelyn's celebration

Today Madelyn had a little celebration in her classroom. She showed us a lot of her best work through the year. I can't believe 3rd grade has nearly come and gone. When I look back on my childhood, 3rd grade is where my memory really begins as far as the day to day things I did as a child. I still remember my friends names and faces and my school and teachers. I hope this year will be as memorable for her!

DSC_0923 photo DSC_0923_zps3d93da8e.jpg DSC_0921 photo DSC_0921_zps19216a4d.jpg DSC_0919 photo DSC_0919_zps62341585.jpg DSC_0916 photo DSC_0916_zps3bf01656.jpg

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