Sunday, May 5, 2013


We all got to sleep in a little today. It felt good. We all needed it. We went to church (and made it early since I had to play the organ). (For some reason if I'm not playing the organ we are always either right on time or a minute or two late). After Sacrament meeting, my Dad, Sally and Tyler started the drive back to Houston. It was fun having them visit!!! We will see them in 2 weeks at the wedding.

We came home and grilled and had a nice lunch / dinner. Then we all went to Adam's last baseball game together. He had team pictures, the trophy handing out ceremony and the cutest baseball game. There were also 2 of the funniest moments. One of the players at bat connected with the ball but it only went about 2 feet, he promptly ran the 2 feet up to the ball and swung again -- this time golfing the ball towards the short stop. His dad hollered, "I knew he was meant for golf!!!".

The second thing was one of the players was on second base -- as a base runner. The ball was hit right to second base and our player, the base runner, fielded the ball, threw it to first and ran into the dugout. It was a hoot. I figure he thought, the ball rarely gets hit right to you, so I'll just show them what I can do!!!

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