Monday, May 6, 2013

My 2 projects of the day

My girls make a lot of friendship bracelets and just tie them on their arm. Then we have to cut them off. A few weeks ago I bought little clamps, jump rings and lobster claws to make them more like "real" bracelets. It worked beautifully!

DSC_0546 photo DSC_0546_zps75575322.jpg

DSC_0545 photo DSC_0545_zps4976a13f.jpg

The second project was taking a bunch of IKEA frames that I had bought and re-cutting the mat from being 5x7 to being 5.25 x 8.25 so that I could frame the playbills we have collected over the years. My dad has a mat cutter and he brought it up from Houston for me to borrow.

I had to read the user manual (which I know sounds dumb, but is one of my favorite things to do -- read user manuals to learn something new).

I took these frames.

DSC_0539 photo DSC_0539_zps3910d120.jpg

Removed the current mat, flipped it over and re-drew the new mat lines.

DSC_0548 photo DSC_0548_zpse6217802.jpg

Used this cutting system.

DSC_0538 photo DSC_0538_zps8ffcb960.jpg

Lined it all up.

DSC_0537 photo DSC_0537_zps374394f7.jpg

and Voila!!! I did it. (8 times)

DSC_0542 photo DSC_0542_zps85594c53.jpg

The first couple were good learning experiences, but probably no one but me will ever notice. I already hung them on the wall. I love them!!!

DSC_0549 photo DSC_0549_zpsf09262f5.jpg

DSC_0550 photo DSC_0550_zpse765ef41.jpg

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