Thursday, May 2, 2013

The craisen is out

After 36 hours, the craisen is OUT of his nose.  I'm now an expert on foreign nasal object removal.

Owen always falls asleep on his own bed and then sometime in the middle of the night wakes up and he ends up in our bed. I have naturally still been worried about that stupid craisen. As he was sleeping, I couldn't help noticing that he was exclusively breathing through his mouth. We got up and got the kids all on their way to school when I finally had a minute to look again up Owen's nose. And I could see the craisen. It was still way back there, but it was definately bigger now (as it has had 36 hours to absorb moisture). Trent was still home so I had two additional hands to help me. First, Trent tried with tweezers while I held Owen. That didn't work. Kids can still move a little when you are holding them immobile and trying to put tweezers up their nose is trickier than you'd think. Then we tried the bulb aspirator again. But nothing. Finally, I decided to try blowing through his mouth one more time while closing his other nostril. This is not the easiest thing to do. He was squirmy and screaming, but armed with the knowledge from the ER nurse that I couldn't blow too hard. I positioned myself and blew HARD. That craisen flew out of his nose.

I was so relieved. He kept squishing his nose up and smiling at me. I think he was so relieved too.

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