Saturday, May 4, 2013

Just another crazy Saturday - and one giant spontaneous party

7:15 -- Get Madelyn and Catherine to Bob Jones field to warm up for their games which start at 8:00 (I coach Catherine's team)

8:00 -- 2 games on neighboring fields. Catherine lost, Madelyn won.

9:15 -- Madelyn's second game begins. Her team wins again. Madelyn is awarded the game ball for her great hit. I also got this nice note from her coach.

I am not sure if you were out there today. Maddy played unbelievably well. She hit the ball hard, she stayed focused, she ran hard and kept her head in the game. I was very, very proud of her."

My dad came up and took a few pictures at their games.

DSC_3796 photo DSC_3796_zpsf282fd5c.jpg DSC_3792 photo DSC_3792_zps510a9ce3.jpg DSC_3784 photo DSC_3784_zps7a76325a.jpg DSC_3782 photo DSC_3782_zpsb223a7fa.jpg DSC_3775 photo DSC_3775_zps48c82934.jpg DSC_3767 photo DSC_3767_zpseb5a8725.jpg

At 10:30, the 2 girls and I returned home. I then got back into the car with Julianne and headed to her swim meet at the Keller ISD natatorium. She swam in the medley relay (50 fly) and the 50 free. By that time it was 1:20, and the meet was on event #13. Her next event wasn't until event #31 and we realized that the meet was moving too slow for her to do her last events so we packed up and were able to catch the last part of Adam's game (which started at 1:00).

Middle school meet fun!

After Adam's game, we all came home (for a second). Julianne, Madelyn, and I then headed to Julianne's softball game. She needed to be there at 2:30 for a start time of 3:00 and Trent took all the other kids up to Tyler's last water polo game which started at 2:35. Madelyn had the camera, and there were 7 nice photos of Julianne's team (and 117 not so great photos). I'll only show one taken while Julianne was at bat.

DSC_0179 photo DSC_0179_zps704c953c.jpg

Julianne's game finished right at 4:15 and I was helping everyone get packed up and turning in the score book when I felt my phone vibrating. I glanced down and saw that it was Trent calling. I could also see that my Dad had called twice and left me a voicemail. I answered and Trent said, "are you done? hurry home?" Your Dad invited everyone to the house for burgers and hot dogs. I hope you're ready for this."

We raced to the car. Raced home. And we beat the bus there by 5 minutes.

A little background -- I did tell my Dad that if anyone wanted to come over and hang out that I had a lot of hamburgers and hot dogs in the freezer and that he was welcome to invite people over-- so this was not entirely "sprung" on me, but after our busy morning clearly that had been no other thought of that offer since it had been given.

But I do love chaos and I do love having parties so we just got busy. We got Volleyball set up and tables and chairs set up and meat thrown on the grill and soccer goals put out and drinks, and chips, and flying turtles and somehow or another and thanks to everyone for just pitching in we threw the best, most awesome, spontaneous celebration for the boys and girls varsity and junior varsity water polo teams and their parents and chaperones and of course . . . the bus driver.

Here are some photos from the party. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather!

DSC_4005 photo DSC_4005_zps877ddd24.jpg DSC_3986 photo DSC_3986_zps328eeda2.jpg DSC_3972 photo DSC_3972_zps7727f659.jpg DSC_3958 photo DSC_3958_zpscd8f337a.jpg DSC_3949 photo DSC_3949_zpsb9d094ac.jpg DSC_3936 photo DSC_3936_zps457ff440.jpg DSC_3935 photo DSC_3935_zpsae2c68fd.jpg DSC_3932 photo DSC_3932_zpsbe9bf469.jpg DSC_3931 photo DSC_3931_zps5830504b.jpg DSC_3918 photo DSC_3918_zpsddc504bd.jpg DSC_3917 photo DSC_3917_zpsb7bd2e9f.jpg DSC_3913 photo DSC_3913_zps3db1f42f.jpg DSC_3907 photo DSC_3907_zps15359be6.jpg DSC_3905 photo DSC_3905_zps50d7407c.jpg DSC_3904 photo DSC_3904_zpsb33a59e7.jpg DSC_3896 photo DSC_3896_zps3116e8e0.jpg DSC_3893 photo DSC_3893_zpsc4bd6ced.jpg DSC_3889 photo DSC_3889_zps56e8e454.jpg DSC_3883 photo DSC_3883_zpsa0d73859.jpg DSC_3882 photo DSC_3882_zpsc556dc6e.jpg DSC_3880 photo DSC_3880_zps838132cd.jpg DSC_3878 photo DSC_3878_zps606a9fe9.jpg DSC_3872 photo DSC_3872_zps5e46510e.jpg

When it was all over my kids swam in the hot tub and pool.

DSC_4017 photo DSC_4017_zpsb784425d.jpg DSC_4018 photo DSC_4018_zps90a602cd.jpg DSC_4021 photo DSC_4021_zps5393e22a.jpg DSC_4015 photo DSC_4015_zps6779e33a.jpg

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