Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Plain jane Tuesday

Today was just a normal day. Adam played with legos and worked on his "word wall" (maybe i'll post pictures of that tomorrow) He has gotten good at making Lego creations by following the directions. (and I am very glad because I do not enjoy making things with legos exactly like the directions -- i'm too much of a free spirit that way I guess).
Photobucket Then he came out with a roll of toilet paper in his hand and announced that he wanted to be a "mommy" -- he meant "mummy". Photobucket It was a beautiful day outside and so we swept and cleaned off the deck (the leaves are already piling high). Everytime I turned around though Owen was up on top of the table. He sure is adventurous! Photobucket Owen also loves to try and get my iphone! Photobucket

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