Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Aftermath

This random snowstorm ends up being worse than Hurricane Irene. We have so many limbs and branches down. All of our ornamental trees have most of thier limbs snapped. We drove to church for a delayed one hour meeting only to find most of the roads closed.
Here is our town's 1 pm update
  We currently have 187 roads impacted by trees and wires.  Given the dangerous conditions, all New Canaan Public Schools will be closed on Monday and all school activities canceled.    We are strongly advising children not to trick-or-treat and as an alternative the Chamber of Commerce will be distributing candy at Town Hall between the hours of 2 and 4pm.  43% of residential customers are currently without power.  While this number is significantly lower for New Canaan than we experienced during Tropical Storm Irene this storm is much more concerning for two reasons:  The overall impact on the State is more significant which stretches available resources; and, more importantly, the cold temperatures bring life safety into the equation.  Downed power lines are live and resting in snow which presents serious risks.  We are concerned about overnight temperatures which are expected to be in the upper 20s.
No School and NO Trick R Treating?????
Here is a map with the problems!


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Scott and Tobi said...

WOW! Winter has hit with a blast. We had a terrible rain storm last night that lasted for a long time. Today, who would know. Not quite like you guys.

Love Aunt Tobi