Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Activity Days Halloween Carnival

Our Activity day leaders let the girls throw an entire carnival for their siblings and friends today. The kids had so much fun coming up with their own booths and activities. Catherine did a put-put golf game and Julianne did face painting.  They also got a first run through on their Halloween costumes.  Julianne is a witch.  We found her costume at Costco and I had to take in the shoulder seam and side seams but now it fits her great.  Owen is a leopard.  This costume is old.  My mom made it from fabric her mom bought.  I think my brother Shad was the first to wear it.  I had to tack in a new hem for our short Owen, but he made one cute leopard.  Madelyn wanted to be a candy corn witch and since we have several witch costumes already I did not want to buy yet another so we fashioned this one out of her own clothes.  I love how it turned out (and that is an appliqued candy corn on the top.  Adam (despite having several costumes to choose from) chose the same as last year.

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