Thursday, October 20, 2011

Morning Favorites

There are just some really simple things about the morning routine that I hope I don't forget. So I will blog about them.


All the kids eat breakfast at the counter. Usually it is just cereal. Owen crawls around on the floor as if he is a little puppy just waiting for table scraps to come his way. I used to put him in the high chair so he could be at the same level as the other kids and watch them, but his penchant for escapism and his thinking that it is perfectly safe to sit on the front of your high chair tray with your legs dangling over the edge has lost him his high chair priveledges.


Then there is the cereal searching. The kids search for doubles (where 2 pieces of cereal are stuck together). The more doubles, the luckier your day will be. And if you find a triple??? super lucky and a quadruple??? it is like winning the lottery here.


After breakfast, piano practice starts. It takes Owen approximately 10 seconds from the first note being played to get to the piano to begin HIS practice. It annoys his sisters, but it is very cute.

Lastly, Owen's energy and laughter. He kicks his feet so fast all the time. And he laughs all the time. We don't have to actually touch him -- we just have to say, "I'm gonna tickle you" and he is in stitches.

In other news. I hung a new photo of my grandparents over the piano. I LOVE IT!!! The pictures is seriously so perfect. I think they are on their honeymoon. I think they are in Italy. But aren't they lovely? Do you want one hanging in your home???


And I haven't hung it yet, but I got a print on metal of Owen for his first birthday and I love it. I ordered more prints on metal today.

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Carrie said...

It is in Italy, st marks square to be exact. I remembered this picture and thought that this was just how st marks should look when I visited. I do want one of those.