Friday, October 28, 2011

Just like the big kids

I love it when Owen does something just like the big kids. Like this picture. . . Right now in the room Adam is sitting on another chair watching Chuggington eating a bowl full of popcorn. Once Owen saw Adam there, he crawled over, got his own plastic bowl, whined and said "uh, uh, uh" until I put cheerios in it, crawled over to the rocking chair, climbed up, and watched TV -- JUST like Adam.

Watching babies learn is so much fun!

Today was a busy day . . .  here's a recap for my sake.

6:45 wakeup
7:55 got Julianne and Trent out the door
8:35 got Catherine and Madelyn out the door
9:00 got the car packed with all 4 kids soccer stuff, halloween costumes, jackets, fleeces, and more!
10:00 had Joy school at my house
12:30 started getting ready for afterschool by making pizza
1:00 called the soccer hotlines and fields were open
2:45 cooked pizza, sliced it and put on plates in a cooler to stay warm
3:35 picked Catherine and madelyn up from school
3:45 dropped Julianne's soccer stuff off at her friends where she had walked home from school.
4:00 coached Madelyn and her soccer team, while the rest ate pizza in the car b/c it was freezing
4:30 Julianne arrived with her friend at her own soccer practice
5:00 sent Madelyn & Owen with Trent (who came to soccer fields straight from work) to go to a birthday party and go buy halloween candy, coached Catherine's team, took Adam to his practice
6:00 Met back up with Trent who then headed home to change clothes and meet us in an hour, got Adam from practice, sent Julianne back to her friend's house with her costume, drove to pick up Madelyn from Birthday party
6:30 got Madelyn and drove to church for Trunk R Treat
7:00 all of us Trunk R treated
8:00 drove home with tons of candy and freezing cold!

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