Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear Mom,

I really don't like doing sewing projects without you around. I just took for granted how easy it seemed at your house. I would show up with a project, you would entertain my kids, you had every supply and notion under the sun, and if the going got tough -- you sewed it for me.

Now I am doing some of them on my own. I can't call you for advice. I can't let you finish it. I can't have you do it all. My kids make messes of the house while I sew and I can't tell you all about it either. Worst has been making do with not all the notions and supplies. But I made some progress this week.

One of the best things about sewing at your house was the thread in every color. I never had to make do with the wrong color thread as you had so many colors. Here??? Well I have mismatched so many threads to fabrics it is embarassing.

BUT NO MORE! I just got these from I am so excited to have any color I might need. You would like it too!!!

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Kelli said...

with the remodel of our kitchen, this past month, I have wanted to call your mom so many times for advise on this or that!