Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Gardening Saga

I am actually enjoying my first gardening successes after three years of trying.   Way back in May I bought 5 tomato plants and planted them just into one of the flowerbeds by the house.  Then I left for the whole summer.  The deer definately feasted on them . . . but they were still alive.  I started spraying them and they started growing. 

Look at this crazy tomato plant, it was laying down and now each spot that was touching the ground has started growing.  And the crazy thing is they are growing tomatoes!!!

We have now eaten 7 whole cherry tomatoes.  Talk about a return on your investment!  Unfortunately -- it was 38 degrees this morning so I don't think this late harvest will last too much longer. 

And then there are the flowers -- dahlias.  When I got back the deer had eaten them down to little stubs, but I sprayed and they grew and now . . .

I have lots of beautiful flowers.  Roughly half of the plants came back with a little TLC, sadly, half of them did not. 

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