Thursday, September 1, 2011

The random list of today

1. We still do not have electricity. (It went out Sunday at 6am). There is considerable debate in our town about how many days that means. To me this is my 5th day of no power.

Here is the opinion of the Office of Emergency Management in my town as posted on facebook.

"Just a reminder to those of you who are counting - today is DAY 4! The storm was Saturday and Sunday! Which means the count started Monday."

It is a little amazing that they are so worried about what day it is since the power went out. Too bad they aren't more worried about restoring the actual power, because that would be really helpful.

2. We were running out of propane to fuel the generator. If we don't have our generator we don't have things like -- WATER (since we are on a well and need a functioning well pump to have water), phone, internet, cable, TV, lights, etc. . . but here is my favorite photo of the day. I call it "FULL TANK"

3. I went to a friend's and did laundry. It sure feels good to have it done. Simple little luxuries that I am going with out.

4. The town provided dinner for all residents. It was really nice to not have to cook, hand wash pots and pans, hand wash dishes, and clean up. Thanks town -- now if you could just get the power on, you'd be great!!!!

5. Today, Sept 1st marks the kickoff of National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. A year ago today, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 3c ovarian cancer. I wrote this blog post a year ago today. I was not expecting to drive into town today and find it all decked out in Teal ribbons. Given all that has been going on due to "IRENE", I (wrongly) assumed that those ribbons wouldn't be up . . .

Last year's photos were better, but hey given that school is not in session and power is not on and Owen is still not feeling good I am feeling pretty lucky to have snagged the photos on my phone!!!!

Lesson of the day : I'd give up all my electricity forever to have my mom back.

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