Sunday, September 4, 2011

I need advice and the Nap

I took Owen to the dr again this morning. (finally on the 3rd visit and with some heavy pressuring on my part) I got him some antibiotics. Let me just say that this drives me crazy. Owen has been coughing for 21 days, had a fever of 102 or higher for 6 days and I had taken him to the doctor twice before today. In addition Adam has had pneumonia and been on zithromax and I have had strep throat and been on zithromax during the same time.

Again, our doctor said, I don't see any ear infections. His throat looks fine. His chest is congested but it is just bronchiolitis. She said she doesn't want to prescribe an antibiotic without knowing what she is treating? That is all well and good, but at what point are you making an 11 month old suffer for no good reason???? Why must it be so difficult to get treatment??? What would it hurt to try an antibiotic?

I gave Owen his first dose of Zithromax at 10:30 am. He then slept until 12:30 at which point when he woke up-- he has not run a fever, he has smiled for the first time in a week, he has eaten something other than just nursing, and he has crawled around like his old self (albeit a little slower than normal).

Clearly, he had a bacterial infection. I am so angry that I had to make 3 visits to the doctor to get him the help he needed.

Am I the only one with this problem??? I do not routinely go to the doctor. In fact with 5 kids I haven't been to the doctor with any of them (except for well visits) for over a year. This last two weeks I have been 4 times (once with Adam and he had double pneumonia) and 3 times with Owen who clearly had something.

Would you be looking for a new doctor if you were me???

We only had sacrament meeting.

We still don't have power -- although 2 crews were here and they have restrung the wires. Now apparently someone has to inspect the line and approve the turning on part. Just another step in the right direction --

In case you were wondering it has been an entire week without power.

Today was hot and humid-- 88 or 89 outside and the same in the house. At least outside we get a little breeze. So Trent and Owen enjoyed the outdoors and got in a cute little nap.

Notice the 2 leaves?? One on Owen's back and one by his feet??? Yes, those leaves just fell on him. I guess that means fall is coming.

Not sure I am ready for that, but oh well!!


Amy and David said...

hmmm. I don't know if I would look for a new doctor yet, however, my doctor does a quick finger prick for unexplained fevers lasting that long that she can't figure out. Then she looks at the white blood count and can determine if it is bacterial or viral. Some doctors I've heard can go too far and do finger pricks at almost every sick visit, so you have to find a happy medium. Anyway, maybe suggest that in the future, or maybe it is time to switch doctors. Good luck and I'm glad he is feeling better.

Scott and Tobi said...

I am not sure antibiotics work that fast. I have always heard you need to be on them for at least 24 hours before you start to see a difference. I think most doctors have started to not give antibiotics as freely as once they did. I am glad that Owen is feeling better. I can't believe you still don't have power. What have you been doing for food. What happened to the food you must have had in refridgerators and freezer?

Love Aunt tobi

Kelli said...

I think docs just want you to come back so they can make more money. My doc asked me one time how soon do you want a recheck. I said a year he said, how about 6 months. so I think they just want more $. I think your husband looks worn out, too hot and no power must be really hard on you all. Sorry! and now to head into winter. Yikes.