Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Times - they are a changin'

After only a few short hours of sleep (since we got home from the football game at 2 am), it was back to the normal "mom" routine.

It was a typical and busy day. My goal for the day was to get a start on swapping out the seasonal clothes. There are not very many things in life that stress me out -- but this task does. It is so overwhelming to me sometimes. I started with Julianne. She went through her closet and brought me 90 percent of all her clothes. She has grown so much that they just don't fit anymore. This means that I have a ton of shopping ahead so that she will have clothes for winter. As it stands she has 1 pair of jeans that fit her, 1 pair of boots, and 1 pair of tennis shoes (which she informs me she hates). She has 2 summery dresses and about 4 pairs of shorts. She has a handful of shirts. How? How can she grow and change so fast?

I am always so sad to see her cute outfits no longer fit her. It seems like just yesterday she was wearing this cute little pair of overalls and the crocheted hat. I have so many emotional attachments to my kids clothes. I can look at the outfit and quickly recall all that we have done while wearing that and it is sad to realize that they will never be that little anymore.

I went up to Julianne's rehearsal and almost didn't even recognize her walking toward me because she seemed way too tall.

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Laura said...

I too have emotional attachments to my girls' clothes. I didn't realize how much I would enjoy having Audrey wearing Rachel's old clothes. I'm excited for a boy and being able to shop for clothes for him. However, the other day it made me realize he won't be able to wear the cute girl clothes I have and all the memories that come with them...