Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday is a special day . . .

We had beautiful weather for our 4 soccer games.

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Adam was so cute in his first soccer game.

Our little soccer league is funny-- they buy all adult large t-shirts for all the kids, all the ages. It took me some serious cutting and sewing to make Adam's fit. My mom would have been so proud!!!

After the games we went to Costco. I walked by the optometry department to see about getting Catherine an appt for contact lenses and to our surprise they had an opening right then. In no time at all she was fitted with contact lenses. All we had to do was wait for her to take them out and put them in all by herself. It took a while, but she finally did it. Then we looked and looked for new glasses for her. She never found any that she like as well as her current frames so we made the decision to just order new lenses for her current frames. This means we have to leave the frames there for 5-7 days.

Later that evening when it was time to take out her contacts it was a bit of an ordeal. To say it took forever would definitely be an exaggeration, but it FELT like it took forever. She finally got them out (on perhaps the 1 millionth try).

The only good part about the contact lens removal episode is that I missed watching the entire second half of the BYU/UT game.
Trent and I were just headed to bed when little Owen woke up. He was so happy and cuddly and we just brought him into our bed and snuggled with him. I could just stay in this phase forever. I am always so sad that they grow up.
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Lillian said...

One tip about removing contact lenses: Wash your hands so they are clean and then DRY them. The lenses stick right to your dry finger and are simple to remove. It's much harder with wet fingers. Hope that helps!