Friday, September 2, 2011

Tie Dye - a beginner's experience

Not having power causes one to be resourceful. I was trying to find something for the kids to do and had the following criteria

1. occupy a large chunk of time
2. not need electricity
3. not involve friends (since Owen is still feeling quite sick and under the weather)
4. would not evolve into a fight among the kids

And then I remembered these 2 craft kits for tie dying that the kids had gotten for their birthday and we had never used. I had "tucked them away for a rainy day". I realized that rainy day had arrived. I sent all the kids to find a white t-shirt that had a stain or two on it (I knew they all had one). We opened the box, rubberbanded and folded to our hearts content. We opted to use the dye's from only one of the kits -- in this one the dye is infused into string and you then wrap the string all over your shirt tucking it into your rubberbands to hold it.
here is a picture of the kit we used (the one with the strings)

Then all you do is fill a bowl with hot salt water and let them soak for 15 minutes.

The kids watched over the process VERY carefully.

We also got to review our primary and secondary colors as we watched the colors come alive and mix together. 

Here they are holding their finished products. 

Every kid's design and color scheme was unique to them and they had so much fun doing it.  The project wasn't messy at all and I loved that we found a fun way to use perfectly good t-shirts that they kids had gotten one little stain on. 

This is the other tie dye kit we have.  I just couldn't bring myself to use it.  This kit has the dye's in little squeeze bottles that you have to squirt all over the fabric.  I kept reading and re-reading the directions and this one looked MESSY to me.  Who knows???  Maybe we'll be without power long enough to tackle this kit as well. 

At 5:00, I took Owen to the dr.  Again they told me he didn't have anything except a virus.  I practically begged for antibiotics.  I have now taken him to the dr twice for this stupid illness both times to be told he just has a virus. 

Then we went to the town park where the town was providing dinner for all the residents again since we don't have electricity.  At least I didn't have to cook!!!!!

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