Friday, September 9, 2011

Ice Cream for Dinner

Yes, seriously. 

Some days are just like that.

Here is a rundown of what had to happen from 3:35-6:30
3:20 -- leave the house (make sure to have all the soccer stuff for everyone)
3:35 -- pick up Catherine and Madelyn from school (Julianne walked home from school with a friend)
3:45 -- arrive at soccer practice fields, feed kids snack of chocolate chip cookies, help tie cleats
4:00 -- Madelyn's soccer practice that I coach
5:00-- Catherine's soccer practice that I coach; feed 7 girls from Madelyn's team a snack and watch them (don't lose them)
5:30 -- Continue coaching Catherine's soccer practice, walk 7 girls from Madelyn's team to star soccer, walk Adam to his soccer practice, Start coaching Julianne's team -- not my usual job, but her coach needed help today
6:00 -- Continue coaching only Julianne's team
6:30 -- Gather all kids, all balls, all stuff to the car

(and do it all with Owen in the backpack)

so we drove to Baskin Robbins where it was 11 cent scoop night in honor of a little boy in our town who died from cancer. 

I also took this picture of the kids by the National Ovarian Cancer ribbons.

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Kelli said...

you are an unbelievable woman! do you have to raise your voice over that many kids/girls to keep track of them?