Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday's quick glimmer of hope --

We were so excited when we heard a large truck turn up the driveway!!

The kids all ran out to watch. This crew had come all the way from Kansas City.

I asked them, "Are you going to restore our electricity????"

"Nope, we are just a tree crew."

I was a little disappointed. I realize that their arrival meant we had not been entirely forgotten by CL&P, but I was really surprised that we even needed a tree crew. The town had already come by with a tractor and removed the tree that had fallen on the wires.

This crew set to work on the diagonal tree (you can see its trunk in the photo) that had branches that were way high above the power lines. That diagonal tree??? Nope it didn't fall during Irene. It had been like that for at least a year.

Had we notified CL&P of it? Yes, many, many times. In fact just 6 months ago our electric poles were replaced and all the wires were restrung and twice I went out and suggested to them that they trim back that tree, but they assured me that it wasn't going anywhere. (and it is not on our property so we can't touch it)

I sure find it interesting that they had no problem installing new poles and wires with that tree there, but they couldn't fix our wires in this emergency until that tree was cleared. Does that smell fishy to anyone???? I get the feeling they are using emergency funds and emergency resources to do their routine jobs that they have neglected for years. Perhaps that is why we had such power problems????

So while we may not have power (still), I am hoping this means we are one step closer.  I am just not sure how many steps there are. 

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