Sunday, September 11, 2011


Our Sunday started out a little slow. We were late to church. Why??? Because it took a long time for Catherine to get those contacts in. In fact I was very glad that we don't have her glasses here at the house to fall back on or she might very well have given up, but she didn't. She stuck with it. She got them in, we went to church and this evening she got them out within 5 minutes. I think we are officially over the hump on this. I knew it might take a little time, and it did, but now she can do it and she is confident that she can do it.

After church, Trent put together his Father's day present -- an airsoft bb gun semi-automatic rifle. He was so excited to go out in the yard and aim at the deer. Unfortunatly, none showed up. So we shot the leaves and the trees instead.

Lastly, we have been thinking about 9/11. I was pregnant with Catherine and Julianne was just a little over a year old. I was blow drying my hair and my sister Carrie called. Julianne answered the phone and brought it to me. At first I thought it was a big mistake -- that somehow a small plane had made a tragic error, but once I turned on the TV, I realized that this was no mistake. I called Trent at work and told him about it. I remember insisting that he go find a TV and see it. I drove over to my parent's house and my dad stayed home from work. We all just sat in front of the TV all day and watched the news. We were so completely shocked that something like this had happened here in America.

I went through some of my old photos and found some of my favorite patriotic photos I have taken. Enjoy!!

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