Wednesday, August 31, 2011


With school out, we headed with a group of friends to Quassy. A small new England amusement park. We had a great time. It was small enough and not very crowded that the kids were able to go with their friends and ride all the rides and I could see them all. The weather was super. The waterpark section was nice. Here is Adam basking in the sun.
My sun boy

Unfortunately, Owen started to run a fever while we were there. Here is Owen feeling a little less than stellar.

My sick boy

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Lillian said...

Awww, that pic of Owen kind of breaks my heart. He is always so full of smiles, it's sad to see him looking so down. I hope he is feeling better already.
I didn't get a single photo of our ventures yesterday! I guess it was just too busy chasing down both the kids. It was a fund day and I'm so glad I went.