Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene!

Really??? Here in New England??? 

Yes.  Really. 

But we are ready.  It seems like Houston living was nothing but a drill to get ready for this one.  Here are my facebook updates for the day. 

‎2:00 pm update -- it is raining. Nana and Grandpa are still here. We'll be leaving to take them to the White Plains airport in about an hour. Their flight (originally is scheduled for 5:25 now has an official dept time of 5:47. Hopefully they will just squeak by before the airport closure at 6:00. Wish them luck!

‎3:00 update (and these updates are specifically for you Aunt Tami Bingham Cooley) -- it is still raining, we have not yet left to take Trent's parents to the airport but almost have finished installing flat screen tV to basement bunker -- if we're going to be watching hurricane news we want it on a nice TV

‎4:00 update -- Trent Handy en route to HPN to drop off his parents, the rain has stopped, been chatting with the neighbors, Trent also stopped at walmart to get 12 ft co-ax cable, new electric drill, and augur bit (TV in basement bunker is taking unusually high priority) -- also forgot to mention took Adam, Owen, and Me to dr this morning -- Adam has pneumonia -- Owen and me have colds. at least we got Rx.

‎5:00 update -- quiet and not raining- grandparents delivered to airport, trent not back home yet, but should be soon, then more work on the tv, been busy updating my blog with pictures from the last week!

‎6:00 update -- cooking dinner (sloppy joes), Nana and Granpa's plane took off!!!!!, rain just starting again, TV not yet operational
‎7:00 update -- done with dinner, kids in pj's, trying to finish ALL laundry, searching for a power strip, vacuuming wood shavings (from drilling holes for cords), rain stopped-- Yes, we are BORING!

‎8:30 update -- TV hooked up, kids setting up beds in basement, Owen asleep, last laundry load in, parents -- worried -- check out the current map that eye is a little too close for comfort
‎10:30. All kids still awake. Watching the new tv set up in the basement. Raining lots

‎11:15 update -- probably last update for a while. I am going to bed. All the kids are asleep in the basement. Here's hoping for a quiet, electricity filled night. Here's hoping none of the kajillion trees surrounding us uproot or lose limbs. Here's hoping that we all sleep in (since we don't have church in the morning). Here's hoping we awake to find out everyone's power is still on and their houses still intact! Goodnight Irene! Don't come callling!

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