Friday, August 12, 2011

Memories and Tennis

One thing that arrived here in CT while I was in TX was all of my photos that I had sent away to be scanned. I am having fun looking through all of them and found this one of me, my granmother - Baba, my mom, and Julianne. Julianne is 3 days old. Baba was flying to London (through Houston) and picking up my little sister Amber to take with her and so we went up to the airport to see them and introduce this new little baby to her. (Clearly this is pre 9/11 as we are sitting at the gate waiting for them to board their flight). I just remember my mom helping me so much as I was a first time mom out in public with a 3 day old. How little I knew back then!!!

In other news, today I played tennis. I have not played tennis more than 10 times in my life (I am not very good -- obviously). And I haven't touched a racket in at least 14 years. But my good friend invited me and I thought it would be fun.

The best part???? The court we played at is right by a park. I brought all the kids to the park, put Julianne in charge, stuck my cell phone in my pocket (since now Julianne has a cell phone), and sent them to play (as it was a gorgeous day) and I walked to the tennis court. I was probably 250 yards from them (I could still see them) but I felt FREE!!!!!

Julianne only called twice in the one hour - once to tell me that everything was great and once to tell me they were done.

I could totally get used to this responsible older babysitting child stage.

My tennis game could really use this stage -- Let's just say there is room for improvement.


Unknown said...

So where did you send your photos to be scanned? I'm looking for a good place that will scan old prints at a good resolution. Would appreciate your input.

Jamie said...

I used a company called I highly recommend them. They were great and inexpensive -- I did the value box. 22 cents a negative. They are not fast, though -- start to end is 6 weeks.