Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Last Day in Houston

We went to the Blue Bell Factory for a tour.   I can't say enough about how much we love Blue Bell ice cream.  We have been to the tour a number of times.  I actually feel bad for the tour guides, because we expect them to always include all the "important" tidbits. 

Like, I bet we asked them 10 times, "are you going to tell us the top 5 best sellers???"

For the record, they do change & here is the current list
1.  Homemade Vanilla
2.  Cookies and Cream
3.  Dutch Chocolate
4.  Butter Pecan
5.  The Great Divide

Of course at the end of the tour you get ice cream!!!

Owen loved it!

I had Dessert Trio.

Trent had mint chocolate chip.

I loved all the displays.

Saying good-bye to Amber - From the tour, she and her family headed back to their house and we headed to pack and get ready to leave.
And. . .  it is our 15th Anniversary today!  Love you tons, Trent!

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