Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Road Trip - Day 1 - Connecticut, through Massachusetts and on to Vermont!

This was a busy day. We got up, got packed, and then I left with Catherine and Madelyn to go to Meet the Teacher at the elementary school. While we met their teacher's, Trent got the car all loaded and ready. We were off as soon as we got home. We all piled into our Honda Odyssey.  It comfortable seats 8, but we were 9, so we double buckled the 4 kids in the back seat.  They were real troopers and got along super. 

Here is the back row!

the front row!

and the middle row (with the most important rider -- HARRY POTTER)

Our first stop was the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial in Vermont.

Next stop was Ben and Jerry's Ice cream factory and tour. 

Since we are primarily blue bell ice cream fans we were not all that familiar with their flavors.

But we learned a lot about them on the tour.

and at the end we got to try this flavor -- (read about it below -- seriously chocolate covered potato chips????)  I think we will stay Blue Bell fans!

They do have a flavor graveyard where they "bury" some of the flavors that didn't make it! (I suspect late night snack will be there soon)

But I loved the epitaphs on them.  I included my favorites. 

And finally settling in for the night.  We had 2 hotel rooms right next to each other.  Nana and Granpa in one room (and the plan was for 2 of the kids to stay with them) and Trent and I in the next room with the other 2 kids and Owen in the pack and play.  But the girls just couldn't be separated, so they all three slept in Nana and Grandpa's room!

Here is the map summary of day one!  We drove through Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

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