Friday, August 26, 2011

Road Trip - Day 4 -- The race home!

We had big plans for today.  We were going to leave Maine and drive to Mystic, CT and go to the Mystic Seaport.  But Hurricane Irene altered our plans.  Instead we got up, packed up, and headed to the grocery store in Maine.  We have been through enough hurricanes to know how quickly the grocery stores clear out.  So we bought everything but the milk, packed it into the already crowded car and headed home. 

Good bye Maine!

Good Bye New Hampshire!

Good-bye Massachusetts!

Owen was really sad to be leaving!!!

Hello Connecticut!!!  Almost home!

Naturally right before getting home, Owen falls asleep. 

And so does Adam!!!!

We spent the rest of the day in a bit of a frenzy.  Nana and I headed back to the store for milk and a few other things.  Trent washed and cleaned out the cars and got them all gassed up.  We all worked on laundry.  We all helped take down the trampoline and move all the patio furniture inside.  It was busy around here to say the least!

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