Friday, June 24, 2011

A surprise for all of us

My mother is an amazing woman.

When I got into town, it was shocking to find her completely bedridden and sleeping most of the time. Considering that only 9 days earlier she was walking around, talking, playing games, and just being the normal mom despite being so sick.

But today, we were all in for a surprise. The kids were over at Shad and Amy's and a few of us were here at the house with her when she suddenly was very lucid and energetic. She announced that she wanted to come out and watch the kids swimming. My dad turned to Shad and I and said, "Well, you'd better go get some kids in the pool" So we all rushed and got them into the pool swimming so she could watch them playing and having fun. These are a few of the photos I got of her while she was enjoying the grandkids swimming.

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Lillian said...

Your mom is so pretty.