Monday, June 27, 2011

Learning Patience

Every day right now feels so long. My mom is sleeping peacefully and we all gather each day and wait. There is no rushing the Lord. That is a hard lesson to learn no matter the situation, but this one seems so real to me right now. We cannot rush the Lord. I cannot rush the Lord. No matter how I feel I must recognize that this is in his hands.

The kids are also teaching us patience so it is like a double whammy of patience learning here! Thankfully, today a good friend of my mom's took all the cousins for a fabulous playdate.

Here is my dad playing cards.

This is my Baba (my dad's mother).  She is so active and spry and quite the card shark!

Here is Tami (my mom's sister).  She is sitting learning how to use her iPad.  She was so excited to get it.  She opened it, flipped it over and burst into tears.  (She had just read the inscription on the back "Angel Sister Forever")  Shad, not missing a beat grabs the iPad, flips it over and asks, "Made in Japan???  that is what you are crying about????"

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Bushmwc said...

So sorry to hear that your mom has cancer. You are amazing, so I'm sure most of it you learned from her. : ) You are in my prayers. Wendy