Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guess who's here???


She arrived at 5:00, made it home for dinner by 5:30 (thanks to the geographic location of White Plains airport), was off to Julianne's band concert at 6:15. Busy, busy!

Here she is getting reacquainted with Owen.




Nana is a lifesaver! She has come to help us out so that I can go and see my mom for this next week! Thanks Nana, the kids sure love you and we love you too!

When I told the kids she was coming, Madelyn remarked, "I better start practicing Blink!"

(Blink is a fun game the kids love to play)

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Shell said...

So great that she could come and stay with your cute kiddos. I'm glad you get to go see your mom. Have a safe trip!