Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beauty all around us

Trent arrived in Houston early this morning (my brother Shad picked him up at the airport for me). Despite my mom's short burst of energy yesterday, she has been back in bed ever since.

She spends most of the time asleep. She is beautiful when she is resting. We all take turns laying with her and holding her hand. We have had some really special moments-- there is something beautiful about being able to share in these special times.

There is also a lot of time to just sit and think. I have decided that there are a lot of similarities between waiting and anticipating the birth of a baby and waiting and anticipating the death of a loved one.

-with both situations there are signs that the time is drawing near, but one can never be sure the time or the day

-loved ones gather near to show support for the family

-once the time draws really close that is when the labor begins

-watching someone labor through a transistion is not always entirely comfortable for everyone involved

So I am here, waiting and watching, thinking and praying, and trying to find the beauty -- even the small simple things that are all around me to bouy me up through this difficult time. And I took this photo of a crepe myrtle -- one of my favorite flowers here in TX. When I see them, I just feel at home.

My mom has talked a little about all the beautiful flowers around her. I know they help her feel at home. I hope they have ordered up a few special bouquets in heaven for her.


Emi Wi said...

I was just thinking about that yesterday and pondering the difference between waiting to say "hello" at birth and waiting to say "goodbye for now" at death. It also mades me wonder about seeing it from the point of view of the baby and the terminally ill: a new baby says "goodbye for now" while preparing to say "hello" and a person while dying says "goodbye for now" and will be saying "hello again" to those they love. Thank you for sharing these tender experiences, they have inspired to be more sensitive to and grateful for the relationships that I have. God bless you and your family.

Laura said...

Jamie, I'm so sorry you're going through this. But you're right - it is a special time. My sister and I were able to be with both my Mom and Dad in the hours and days leading up to their deaths. Some people think it's gruesome, but I wouldn't trade those memories for anything.

I wish you were experiencing this at a much older age, though. Your Mother is so young still. I remember her as such an amazing, vibrant person.

I will keep you and your whole family in my prayers.