Saturday, June 11, 2011

Old Friends

On Thursday morning, I was lucky enough to be with my mom when one of her dear friends came to visit her. She had flown down from Dallas for just a few hours to see my Mom. It was such a special reunion. Though Shellie and her family had only lived in Houston for 2 years, 22 years ago our families had been very close and had done so many things together. It was so fun to hear how all of her children and grandchildren were doing. And it was so fun to see how good friendships manage to bridge the distances of both time and space. I learned a valuable lesson about keeping up with friends and being there for them when it really counts. Shellie had given my mom the saying on the glass oval years and years ago and it has meant so much to her. Today she brought with her another beautiful saying that means so much to all of us right now.

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