Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nana -- super "MOM" substitute

Now the thing that made my trip back to Houston so easily managed was my Mother-in-law -- who flew in at literally a moment's notice! ( -- seriously less than 24 hours after calling-- she was here).

 Leaving four of my kids, my husband, my carpooling turns, my cooking needs, my coaching volunteer jobs, and my laundry duties was a piece of cake. She did it all -- the cooking, more cleaning than I would do, the laundry (all of it including changing all the sheets, the playing with kids, the endless energy of Adam, the homework, one science fair project, and MORE!!!!

 I couldn't have returned home to it any better! It was so nice that she came in before me and left after me so that Owen and I had a chance to spend time with her too (and take photos)!

So thank you Nana, thanks for the love and the support, thanks for filling in as the MOM around here, and thanks for being the best "second" mom a girl could have.


She even let me take her picture before she got her hair all fixed before Trent left for work.

and before the girls left for school
and before Julianne left -- so we could see that at age 10 and 353 days -- Julianne is not quite taller than Nana -- despite her foot being 3 1/2 sizes larger than Nana's!

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