Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pawling Triathlon

I did my first triathlon today. I trained intermittantly (as often as Owen would let me)-- I did a lot during Jan, Feb and March -- but then Owen's stranger anxiety prevented him from lasting in the gym's daycare so my exercise was curtailed --- I ran the 5K 4 weeks ago and then today did the tri. My friend Ember did it with me!

The swim was 1/3 mile -- I felt pretty good doing that. The water was not as cold as I thought and in the end wished I had not worn a wet suit. I finished the swim in 14:18 (which was 258th place overall out of 420).

Next was 12 miles on the bike. Biking has never been a big interest of mine and as a result I know very little about it. I had done a fair bit of biking on my bike pulling the 2 boys behind on the trailer and felt quite ready for it. But I did not know that a mountain bike was not the right kind of a bike for a road race like this. I was not the fastest (in fact I was one of the slowest). But it was not for lack of effort or energy expenditure! The course was very hilly and I hauled my mountain bike up and down those hills -- Lesson learned -- get a road bike!!!!
My bike time was 1:04.00

Lastly was the 5K -- The biking was very tiring and I was feeling it on the run. I was much slower than I was doing the 5K a month ago (which was 34 minutes). Today I was 41:05-- the run was a little hilly but not too bad.

My total time was 2:04.38. I want to do this triathlon again. It was such a pretty day. Next time with a road bike and my goal will be
13 minutes on the swim.
45 minutes on the bike.
35 minutes on the run.
so 1 hour 40 minutes total!

I am pround of myself for signing up way back in November when my baby was just a few weeks old and then getting ready for it all by myself. Hopefully this will be the first of many to come!


Carrie said...

Jamie you are awesome. I want to do it with you next year!

Shell said...

Good work, Jamie! You are so awesome for just going out and doing it and in my eyes killing it! Way to go:)

Kelli said...

I believe you can do anything and do it well! and you did! way to go

Andrea said...

That is so great! I was telling Jeremy just a month or so ago that I would like to do a mini-triathlon within the next five years. This makes me hope that I will be able to do it sooner than later.
Go Jamie, go!!! You are awesome!