Friday, June 17, 2011

Siblings -- Angels on earth

I wish I could add up the miles traveled, the expense occurred, the time spent, and the comfort given on behalf of my mother by her siblings.

But I am pretty sure it is mathematically approaching infinity.

All I want to do is be by my mother's side, holding her hand, getting her food, rubbing her feet, and helping in any way imaginable but I just simply can't. I have five children to tend to, a home to take care of, a husband to be with, and all the other busy responsibilities of a woman in my situation. Additionally, my home and my mother's home are just a "few" miles apart.

And yet . . . someone has always been there to do what I would do. (and they might even do it better than me!)

 My mom's sisters.

It sure helps that there are 5 of them.

From the day of her first surgery- Sept 1st- all the way through today-- one of them has been there for her. There were a few good days when being there was not "geographic" but those days have been pretty rare. And it was such a blessing to her. And it was such a blessing to me. I have taken 4 trips to Houston to see my mom since September and I loved every minute with her, but I also knew that I had to balance being with my mom -- and doing what I know my mom would want me to do first -- be there for my children just like she always was there for us. The only thing that made it easy for me to leave and tend to my little family was the presence of her angel sisters -- so that I knew she would be loved and cared for like no other.

I don't have words enough to express my gratitude for the sacrifice you each have made -- but just know that it has not gone unnoticed. I wish I could give you each the recognition and thanks for each little act of service you have offered -- but I can't -- I don't know them all, and no one except maybe you and my mom will ever know them all - but just know they were all appreciated.

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