Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Time --

For such a perfectly quantifiable thing, it sure can pass at a variety of speeds.

I arrived in Houston on Wednesday and before I could blink an eye, it was 4 am on Tuesday morning and I had to be off to the airport. To say that it flew by would be an understatement.

Why when all I want in the whole world is for time to slow down-- why does it seem to go so fast?

 I loved each moment with my mom and my family. I helped with chores, cleaned the pool, shopped for father's day, shopped for Hailey's baptism, made meals, blended lots of food, sat by my mom, laid on my mom's bed by her, helped her blog, taught her ipad lessons, organized things for her, printed and bound family directories, played nines, played rook, and occasionally cried.

The reality is that even with terminal cancer, my mom wakes up each day with a plan and far be it for any little cells to get in the way of accomplishing what she wants to do. Her daily plans now and every day in the past primarlily involve helping and serving others and it is a lesson that all of us can learn -- that it must take a lot to weary in good works.

Leaving wasn't so hard -- because I know I am coming back in 2 weeks. I just hope she can battle until I get back and this time with all of my kids and my husband so that we can all learn just a little more about love and service.

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