Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday, Rain, and Softball

It rained last night and we awoke to find out that the city had closed all the softball fields. It is hard enough to reschedule one weeks worth of make-up games, but 2 weeks in a row starts to get a little crazy. Finally, at noon, they opened 1 of 6 fields and so a few games were able to be played. Madelyn and Catherine both had a game (one at 12:45 and one at 6:00). They are both improving and enjoying themselves. Catherine even pitched an inning.

DSC_8932 photo DSC_8932_zpsb833bc6f.jpg

DSC_8958 photo DSC_8958_zpsf76deed2.jpg

DSC_9018 photo DSC_9018_zpseb07fb23.jpg

DSC_9047 photo DSC_9047_zps0083f981.jpg

DSC_9076 photo DSC_9076_zps1cb07bbe.jpg

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