Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Sunday!

Usually we take our photos on Palm Sunday, but with Trent out of town and the fact that I hadn't bought Easter outfits just yet meant I had to wait until today to get the family photos I love to take! Fortunately the weather was nice enough to do just that! We had a great Easter. We went to a friend's home for dinner and enjoyed being together.

Enjoy the photos of the whole crew.

DSC_9138 photo DSC_9138_zpsc1b64589.jpg

DSC_9093 photo DSC_9093_zpse0061469.jpg

DSC_9085 photo DSC_9085_zps7a2e41b9.jpg

DSC_9202 photo DSC_9202_zps1b3450da.jpg

DSC_9179 photo DSC_9179_zps5ab148fe.jpg

DSC_9150 photo DSC_9150_zpsed7f7fcd.jpg

DSC_9142 photo DSC_9142_zps0491f932.jpg

DSC_9159 photo DSC_9159_zps87dd13f2.jpg

DSC_9152 photo DSC_9152_zps70a7b870.jpg

DSC_9168 photo DSC_9168_zps8b215df9.jpg

DSC_9174 photo DSC_9174_zpsfb48e6d0.jpg

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