Monday, March 25, 2013

Pysanky eggs

I have pulled out the box with the jars of dye. I have bought more beeswax. I have bought more candles. I have bought more eggs. We have all been trying our hand at the art of Ukrainian Easter Eggs. I love doing it! Here are just a few more from me and from the kids!  photo 4B587C25-4B76-4E0E-B0C1-8F50D66FFDF4-3604-000004A32838B8FA_zps9327c3fb.jpg  photo 8E1991CB-D9DD-4C95-8A89-5C52EC181034-3604-000004A33EEF2699_zps444768b5.jpg  photo 143C3ED2-C539-4D01-9CDF-ADE62513B176-3604-000004A3101E9607_zpsab1250e5.jpg  photo ACF319A6-68C0-415B-A1C9-1DB1C2656144-3604-000004A4F467576B_zps33e6eaa1.jpg

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Tania said...

They are fantastic. We were thinking of doing these this year (I used to love doing Batik in school back in the day.) Where did you get your supplies? Did you blow your eggs first or after or leave them whole?

I also promised we'd silk dye eggs this year we didn't get around to trying it last year and Jane really wants to try it.